Welcome to Anglican Mission International 

A Chapter of the Anglican Mission 

A Society of Mission and Apostolic Works. 

We have adopted the word “GLOCAL” to describe our modus operandi.  The dictionary defines the word glocal as an adjective: 

  • of or relating to the interconnection of global and local issues, factors, etc. 
  • a glocal conference on community development. [or mission] 
  • of or relating to the tailoring of globally available products and services to local markets: a glocal sales strategy. 

Our vision in AMI is for us to develop a truly Glocal Mission strategy. We were honored that the first step in that process was a time of listening and sharing as partners from around the world when we met in Tampa, Florida in April for our first Spring Festival. This was quality time.  Partners from all parts of the Globe were front and center, setting the agenda together for the future life of our Chapter. We poured into  one another experiences and vision for our future partnerships. There was a sense of history being made.  This was a new epoch as we were being given the opportunity to minister more closely than ever with one another. We are so grateful that many of those from Africa and Asia in parcular, courageously and graciously stood with us in our struggle to be a Society of Mission and Apostolic Works, “nothing more, nothing less” in the Three Stream Celtic tradition.

 It was also a time to celebrate the advent of our new Chapter in the life of  the Anglican Society of Mission and Apostolic Works as we shared in some wonderful times of worship together.  Please continue to hold the AMI in prayer as we joyfully journey together proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ at home and around the world.

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