​​Societies of apostolic life and mission are associations of men and women, lay and ordained, who live in faith communities pursuing the particular apostolic purposes of the society and leading lives reflective of the Baptismal Promises [Covenants] and the Great Commission, striving for apostolic witness through the observance of their constitutions and charters.

Anglican Mission International is made up of clergy (who are members of a diocese) and Laity who belong to The Society of Mission and Apostolic Works, rooted in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ sharing:

    1. A Commitment to Ministerial Vocation that is Local and Global.

    2. The Cultivation of An Apostolic Spirit.  

    3. An Emphasis on Spiritual Formation through the embrace of 

          three-streams spirituality.

    4. The Creation of Communities which are Intentional Missional and       


    5. The Exercise of Collegiality.