​​The Prefect

The Rt. Rev. Gerry Schnackenberg  

The Prefect is elected by the College of Consultors and has the privileges, powers, authority and duties as defined by Constitution, Statutes and Pastoral Norms. The Prefect is the presiding ecclesiastical authority of the Chapter as delegated by the College of Consultors. e has charge for the Chapter, and governs leaders of the Chapter who serve with him.

Assisting Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Carl Buffington Jr.

The Provost
The Very Rev. Dr. Paul Jagoe

Vicar with Responsibility for Credentialing 

The Very Rev Andrew Doan

Vicar with Responsibility for Communications

The Very Rev. Canon James Kennaugh

The Council of Clergy

The Very Rev. Dr. Paul Jagoe

The Very Rev. Canon James Kennaugh

The Rev. Canon Christopher Caudle
The Rev. Don Curran

The Very Rev. Andy Doan

The Rev. Steve Evans​

The Rev. Ken Dean

The Chancellor

The Rev. Dr. Ross M. Lindsay, III  CPA, J.D., L.L.M., Ph.D.


Mr John Christman