Dateline: September 7, 2019

 Last week Canon David returned to Africa accompanied by Ashlee, a member of Christ Anglican Church, Mobile. This time it was to Kampala, Uganda to meet up with Bishop William, Irene and a team of Boga Mother’s Union leaders.  The purpose was to train and equip the Diocese of  Boga Mother’s Union Dignity Project Team, and, to write the resources to be given to schools and orphanages to implement  the Dignity Project in Boga and eventually the rest of the DR Congo. They met up with the founder of The Dignity Project Jade Metz. Jade and her husband Nathan and their four children are missionary disciples to Uganda through World Gospel Mission, a 103 year old mission sending agency.


Notes from Canon David's diary

Wednesday September 4, 2019

Ashlee and I arrived here in Kampala at about midnight last night and started work at 9:30 this morning. We had a very helpful bible study from Matt.10:26-33. One of the truths that came out was regarding the huge number of dark, hidden things (hurts) vs.26 in these girls’ lives. There is a great need for creating an environment where these dark things can be exposed and then prayer for the Holy Spirit Ministry for healing of these deep hurts.


Thursday September 5, 2019

The meetings are a great success so far, we have already gathered much of the information and protocols necessary to publish the training handbook. The presence of the Lord is so strong in the prayer and worship, and all of us sense the moment of the Spirit for Dignity. We sense too, the joy this brings to the Father’s heart.

This afternoon we are teaching Holy Spirit prayer ministry to the leaders from the Congo, who are simply desperate for everything God has for them.


Friday September 6, 2019

 Today we have been hearing the stories of some who were abducted from Boga, two are here with us this week. The feeling is the Dignity project is of such importance that they will make every effort to be trained despite the personal cost.  

This is Helen one of the Mothers Union leaders with us from Boga this week. Her home was raided on 23rd Aug. Helen’s whole family were taken prisoner, husband, 19 year old sister, and 14 year old son. Her sister managed to escape but not before she was traumatized and beaten. Her husband and son were forced to carry very heavy loads deep into the jungle, and for 5 days Helen had no word from them. They too managed to escape finally and have now returned home. Because of the impact the Dignity project will have in her country, Helen decided that God’s will was that she continue with the planned conference in Kampala. This story is one of many women committed to renewal and revival in the Congo.   



This could be a painting by Leonardo da Vinci couldn’t it? But it not a scene from Jerusalem or indeed the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazle Milan, Italy..... But it is a study of passionate women committed to serving their master the Lord Jesus Christ.



Mothers union members of Anglican Church of Boga Diocese deliver washable sanitary pads to 100 girls and women in Kampala.




Feet of Jesus carrying His Dignity for women to police barracks in Kampala


Saturday September 7, 2019

Reading this morning, two great promises from our Heavenly Father stuck out, both come out of concern that he will call folk to support the project. We need technical writing skills, artists, editing, translations. website, and not least, I still think in the first year, feet on the ground, coordinating the project centrally. We need money, and time, vision and prayer to reach millions of girls in the Congo.

It just like the lord to give us a vision so big. It can only be a Miracle. So, I read today, “my father owns the cattle on a thousand hills” I will supply. “Not might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord...” I will supply. One of our reader believes “This project will be the catalyst that will open doors for a mighty outpouring of Gods Spirit.”

I am so excited by the real meaningful important work ahead. This work will grow the Body of Christ.

To be continued….