Introducing Anglican Mission International

Anglican Mission International 
A new Chapter in the Life of  The Anglican Mission - a Society of Mission and Apostolic Works

On the tenth day of August in the Year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen, a chapter known as “Anglican Mission International (AMI)” was erected by the College of Consultors of the Anglican Mission, a Society of Mission and Apostolic Works (Anglican Mission Society).

The origin of this new chapter of the Anglican Mission Society grew from the increased demand for Anglican formation training and mission development projects from our global partners.  

We, the forming member churches and persons, of AMI, are honored and grateful to have been part of the extremely important legacy of the Anglican Mission in America, the Anglican Mission in Canada and the Anglican Mission in India. We see our establishment as building on the Vision of our great apostolic leaders Archbishops Kolini, Tay and Yung. All have a commitment to and appreciation of the intrinsic value of global mission partnerships. It is our desire to continue to build on their shoulders and take the gospel; through our Anglican three stream heritage to every corner of the earth.

AMI will continue to be devoted to  planting and developing orthodox three-stream Anglican ministry locally and globally. We will eagerly continue to partner with the other chapters of the Anglican Mission Society worldwide for growth of the Kingdom.

Continued success of the Anglican Mission Society of Mission and Apostolic Works will only be possible through the answered prayers and support of visionary bishops, priests, deacons, and laity seeking to conform to the Lord and his Great Commission.

Please pray that the Holy Trinity will continue to guide this Society as we seek to serve the Church and the world in Christ’s name.

        Direct us, O Lord, in all our doings with thy most gracious
        favor, and further us with thy continual help; that in all our
        works begun, continued, and ended in thee, we may glorify
        thy holy Name, and finally, by thy mercy, obtain everlasting
        life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Preamble to the Petition to the College of Consultors


We submit this to the College of Consultors, who offer oversight to this Society as to how we live into our Apostolic Life. We request your discernment, oversight, and blessing for a new chapter of the Anglican Mission.

The College of Consultors discerned a powerful combination of gospel vision and spiritual mission when it erected our Society in 2012. We seek to embrace and expand the inheritance and horizon of that initial anointing with its attending charisms and seek Godly counsel and direction to determine the best way that members who are called to, and inspired by this renewed charism may live out the vision and mission of a Society of Mission and Apostolic Works.

Since 2012, we have been committed to advancing the kingdom of God in word, sacrament, and service through the cultivation of three-streams spirituality; of Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit. We rejoice in these shared values and relationships that connect us to our sister chapters in the USA, Canada, and India and to our partners who sponsor and share ministry with us. 

Each of our chapters are supported and sustained through the partnerships we share with our Concordat bishops and dioceses. We seek to pursue deeper ties and fellowship to serve here and abroad both through their oversight and covering and to also serve alongside them to expand and build up the Body of Christ to the ends of the earth through gospel ministry and mission that is direct and collegial.

The AM as a Society seeks to develop its ministry within the Anglican Communion and wider church by extending mission initiatives in Theological Formation, Discipleship, Evangelism, and practical assistance through mutual partnerships. We do so with an emphasis on the cultivation of the depth and breadth of three-streams spirituality and ministry and the Anglican Way, thus enabling and empowering the church locally and globally to fulfill the Great Commission and the founding principles of April 2012 of the Society for Mission and Apostolic Works. In particular, we seek to respond to the several urgent inquiries and opportunities for mission and apostolic works in the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe from like-minded but isolated brothers and sisters in faith.    

We are clergy (who are members of a diocese) and Laity who belong to The Society of Mission and Apostolic Works, rooted in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. 

We share: 

1. A Commitment to Ministerial Vocation That Is Local and Global, 

2. The Cultivation of An Apostolic Spirit,

3. An Emphasis on Spiritual Formation through the embrace of three-streams spirituality 

4. The Creation of Communities which are Intentional Missional and Formational

5. The Exercise of Collegiality.

At this time, we have discerned a call to rediscover and extend the original founding charism established in April 2012 in London and make it come alive in a particular way in this present age. The mission is summed up in a phrase long associated with the Anglican Mission, Ad Fines De Terra ("To the Ends of the Earth:"). In a short period of time this Society’s ministry has extended across a world of human brokenness — from parishes to prison ministry, from military ministry to retreat centers to refugee ministry, from theological training to hospital and hospice ministry. Among our number are leaders known for their gifts in cultivating and sustaining international partnerships.

We believe there is an emerging AM Charism and anointing that distinguishes it from other expressions of the Society. This Charism manifests itself in the way we live in partnership with fellow Anglicans from around the Communion and what we do together. Mirrored in the values of the  AM,  they  affect  ministry choices which we make personally and in community, in service and lifestyle. This charism is embraced by the members and the partners.

1. A personal love for Jesus Christ and a desire to be counted among his close companions. 

2. A broad and dynamic understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in the worship, mission and  ministry      of the church in the full complement of his gifts and graces.

3. To labor with, in, and for the Church in this Anglican Communion and to think always “with the  wider       Church.”

4. Apostolic Availability. To be at the disposal of the wider Church, available to labor In any place, for  the      sake of the greater and more universal good  of God’s kingdom and Christ’s cause.

5. Adaptability.  Seeking to pay close attention to the times, places and persons with which we are      called, seeking to allow for flexibility in application  of serving as a Society of Mission and Apostolic      works

6. Respect for human and natural capacities. While rooted in divine grace, prayer and sacramental      ministry, we must take account of natural abilities and a changing culture to be used for the      service and glory of God.  For this reason, we have committed to theological and catechetical      work in our efforts. 

Mindful of the rich inheritance of missional saints, martyrs, and communities who have preceded us, and committed to the spiritual patrimony delivered to us in the call of Christ through our conversion, baptism, confirmation and ordination in the Anglican way, we request your blessing to erect and develop this new chapter. We ask that, under your oversight and guidance, we develop the needful statutes, instruments of governance, and ministry tasks within the first six months of its creation. We seek your Godly counsel to select from among our number those leaders who may best guide us in these initial days, and then ask that you might confirm roles and ministries when all is in order. We trust that you have witnessed our commitment to the vision, and ask for this opportunity to press ahead with your support and blessing.

We pray that God might bless our desire to see Christ’s kingdom grow among ourselves and new peoples, and that all those within our Society would experience His abundant mercies and grace. We ask for your prayers and for your direction. We join our prayers with yours that God’s will be done, on earth as in heaven.


The Canonical Petition to Erect a new Chapter of the Society for Mission and Apostolic Works


On 26 April 2012, the Society of Mission and Apostolic Works known as the Anglican Mission was erected canonically in the City of London, the United Kingdom by a college of Bishops who as competent ecclesiastical authorities, under the provisions of pastoral norms for administration. The Society for Mission and Apostolic Works Norms, Constitution and Statutes specify that it is a society of common life without vows, in the tradition of the Missionaries of London such as CMS, SPG, SPCK.

The decree of erection states as follows: The Primates and bishops who have convened here in London believe it is right and in accord with the will of the Holy Spirit that this charism should continue in North America and beyond. Moreover, we believe that the Anglican Mission can serve as a resource within the Anglican Realignment movement.

Therefore, considering this call to global mission expressed by the College in the decree concerning international mission and given the discernment of a fellowship of clergy in prayerful consultation; We, the undersigned clergy under the Holy Name of the Triune God invoke these canonical prescriptions and petition:

A Chapter known as Anglican Mission International for those in the Western Hemisphere so called to be released for partnering in global mission.

The seat of the Society is established as the International Center for Mission 800 Tuskawilla Road, in the city of Winter Springs.

A Board will be established for charitable works organized under the heading of Anglican Charities International.

We seek approval and confirmation of our Statutes, to be submitted for this Chapter of the Society for a trial period of six years ad experimentum, which will be subject to renewal for a similar period by the College’s approval; after which, this chapter of the Society can be erected permanently by the competent ecclesiastical authorities.

We implore divine blessings on this new chapter of the Society, that it may attain its principal goal; the development of Mission and Apostolic Works in partnership with Mission Partners from the Global South.

The activity of the new chapter of the Society is due to the increased activity of global mission with our partners during the first five years of the existence of this Mission. The Society has received encouragement not only from many fellow partners throughout the world, but also from many persons who seek to be about mission in a global Anglican context.

With all matters, canonically in Society the stated members of the chapter who find themselves in the USA now seek to be translated into the chapter of the Anglican Mission International to effect new works immediately in areas such as the Caribbean and Northern Europe.

Let it be noted that bishops, priests and deacons are"adscripted" into the Society, under the provisions of the Constitutions and Statutes for each Chapter.   As early as 2013, the founding Archbishops at Winter Conference 2013 assured all in their remarks that within a short time the Society would enjoy the privilege of being a global missionary resource stemming originally from the United States but not serving exclusively there.

The success of the Society of Mission and Apostolic Works may only continue with the support of visionary bishops, priest, deacons and laity seeking to conform to the Great Commission which serves as the guide for this Society.  

Thus, on 31 May 2017, bishops, priests, deacons and laity in the USA chapter with domicile in locations around the USA believe it is of the Lord to expand the vision for Mission and responding to the requests of clergy in the Global South. We now seek to be a chapter of the mission society "of common life without vows," coming under the provisions of the College of Consultors and its partners, who alone have the power to establish or suppress such a chapter erected under its own Pastoral Norms.

The College of Consultors alone is competent in these matters.” Therefore, a judgment on this request is construed as a judgement of the efforts of global mission of this Society.

Finally, to insure further consideration of the many requests for Mission Partnerships in that region, the Society for Mission and Apostolic Works with a new chapter seeks to enjoy continual canonical and missional support for this international work.


Decree for the Establishment of a New Chapter for The Society of Mission and Apostolic Works


A MISSIONARY Society FOR the advancement of Apostolic Works and Ministry known as The Anglican Mission whose original mandate as a personal prelature was given by the Most Reverend Emmanuel Kolini, Primate of Rwanda and The Most Reverend Yong Ping Chung, Primate of Southeast Asia, 04 August 2000. The Center for Mission was established in Pawley’s Island to affect this work in North America.

This Society was reorganized in April 2012 as fully constituted Society for Mission and Apostolic Works  to and for  Anglicans who are  called to participate in an ecclesial life and ministry through the model of church as a sodality.

SACRED SCRIPTURE PROVIDES a foundation for this work through the Great Commission. The Primates and Archbishops recognizing this Divine Mandate, identify the gathering and commission of faithful men and women, lay and ordained so called to this mandate as an important element of Anglicanism. It is through such charisms that the Christian faithful, strive by common effort to promote apostolic works and ministry, particularly in areas of evangelization so as to fulfill the Lord’s will.

A UNIQUE CHARISM BELONGS to the Anglican Mission in the work of  sponsoring  a variety of apostolic works for evangelism and training in the USA, Canada and India. The College of Consultors  who have convened  through  Social Media and telecommunication  believe it is right and in accord with the will of the Holy Spirit that this charism should continue now beyond the USA, Canada and India and be available internationally as a ministry for this Communion. Moreover, we believe that the Anglican Mission can serve as a resource within the realignment movement taking place with orthodox Anglicans and other ecclesial bodies.

THIS COLLEGE OF CONSULTORS of Archbishops and Bishops  being of competent ecclesiastical rank and authority has constituted this 10th Day  of August 2017, The Feast of St. Laurence the Martyr, having reviewed a petition from certain members in the USA, the Caribbean, West Africa and Switzerland, the next chapter of such a Mission Society under  Constitutions and Statutes in accord with voluntary submission to the norms of Canon Law as affirmed in the jurisdictions that seek to engage in this mission as well as the Principles of Canon Law in the Historic Church  and those  Common to the Anglican Communion.

THIS COLLEGE, after attentive examination of the petition and its petitioners, have now affirmed provisional Constitution and Statutes. Under this provisional acceptance, we decree that a new Chapter known as  Anglican Mission International  be established as a Chapter of the Society for Mission and Apostolic Works with a review of the documents to be submitted within the next 120 days.

During this time adaptations of the Constitutions and Statutes previously used shall be modified for by the members of this Chapter of the  Society through the efforts of a team so appointed by the College.

THE CONSTITUTION AND STATUTES at the end of the 120 days, will be promulgated when the amendments are approved and those seeking membership in this chapter affirm status as members of this Chapter of the Society in writing.

For the rest let everything that is to be observed by right be observed. May the living of this renewed expression for Mission in Anglicanism provide inspiration and strength for all of the members of this Society as they seek to live into this next phase of witnessing the Good News of Jesus throughout the world by word and example, under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Given in Kigali, On the 10th day of August 2017,
The Feast of St. Laurence the Martyr.


The Most Reverend Emmanuel M. Kolini ( Ret.)


The Most Reverend Masimango Katanda
Vice Rector


The Right Reverend Sospeter T. Ndenza


The Right Reverend Edmund Ahmoah Dawson

The Right Reverend William Bahemuka Mugenyi

The Right Reverend Carl E. Buffington Jr


Frequently Asked Questions


What is AMI? 

Anglican Mission International is a new chapter of the Anglican Mission: A Society of Mission and Apostolic Works. Building on the vision of the AM adopted in 2012, it seeks to extend this vision by connecting clergy, laity and faith communities through our Concordat Partners to cooperate in gospel mission and development around the world.

Why a new chapter? 

Since 2012, we have witnessed the good beginnings of ministry initiatives and relationships between members of the AM here and with our partners around the world. In addition, these partnerships have developed between our partners and others outside the US. We seek to continue in this gospel mission and apostolic vision locally and abroad. This will be done both through the oversight we receive from our Partners and with our partners as we cultivate opportunities to serve and share in the gospel ministry. In addition, there are new opportunities throughout the world the new chapter is well-structured to pursue.

How do you relate to other chapters? 

We are thankful for all the chapters of the AM, the US, Canada, and India and desire their ministries to prosper. As the newest sister Chapter, we hope to cooperate, as earlier Chapters have, to continue the vision of 2012 within the Anglican Communion and wider church.

What is important to you/ what are you working on?
Through our canonical and personal relationships with the College of Consultors and Concordat Partners, we have been inspired to think afresh about ways to offer three-streams ministry to our communities in challenging times and places. While our contexts vary, witnessing the birth and early development of a new diocese through the prayerful entrepreneurial leadership of a visionary bishop stirs our own hearts to ministry that is committed to the faith once delivered and desirous to serve God intentionally in our generation. We are excited at the opportunity to foster evangelism and spiritual formation for Inquirers, Christians and Ordinands to develop a life of faith and service that is loyal to Christ and enriched in the Anglican Way. We are stirred by the transforming potential of Apostolic Works as they are expressed to individuals, groups, communities, and regions. Inquiries from other places where the desire for outward-focused orthodox faith and relationship inspires us to develop strategies to connect and resource others with the vision that has renewed our own hearts and ministry.