From Fr. Don Curran....​​

Seven of us went to Honduras two weeks ago. We painted a school, repaired generators, paint sprayers, hot water heaters etc. I celebrated a Eucharist for a Pentecostal congregation and did chapel services for K3-4th grade. I also taught a number of clergy and teachers on servant leadership and healing. It rained 15 inches and the compound flooded.

One of our guys is a civil engineer and is going back in January to fix the problem with drainage. It will make a huge difference in their lives. Once back home one of our guys took it upon himself to find a tractor and other equipment needed to farm their acreage. He got $35K worth of material for about $19K. He has found a new purpose in life and his work will transform the lives of the people in that place. 



Christ The King Anglican Church,
Ocala, Florida