Fr Ivan Sikha Shares

Jesus clearly said in the Great Commission passage that we were to go into all nations - panta ta ethne - this means people groups. As long as there are people groups that have never heard the gospel, the work of the Church is not completed.

The Mission India is committed to reaching unreached people groups and sharing the message of our Lord with them. Right now work is going on among 7 such groups. In one such group, the Bagri, where there were no churches, now there are about 90 churches.

    Christ said,  

                “I will build my church;

                                      and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

                                                   He uses us, His Church, to build His kingdom. 


                                                                                         Episcopal Vicar

​                                                                                          Mission India


For the past three years Bishop William of Boga Diocese, and Bishop Carl his Emissary have been greatly blessed by being able to spend a week at the annual Anglican Mission India conference in India where they about what God is doing through Fr. Ivan.  In the past couple years Fr. Dave McDaniel, a member of Ivan’s board, and Fr. Ken Dean have also joined them at the annual conference. 

 Bishop William Writes...

"All the people in Sub Sahara Africa have heard the Good News of the Kingdom of God. They either have believed or have not (Mark 16:15-18.) I think it is the same for Europe and America. My first experience of people who by circumstances have been denied of the Good News is India. I enjoy that experience. Romans 10:8-15. How will they be preached if people are not sent?"

       Bishop of Boga
       Province de l'Église anglicane du Congo