The First Promise Movement

 The origin of the Anglican Mission is the First Promise Movement. In 1997, 30 priests, led by the Reverend Chuck Murphy, released a document called The First Promise, which "declared the authority of the Episcopal Church to be 'fundamentally impaired' because they no longer upheld the 'truth of the gospel.'" Concerned about the crisis in faith and leadership that fostered continued controversy in the Anglican Communion, Archbishops Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda and Moses Tay of South East Asia believed the time had come for Missionary Bishops to safeguard the faith in North America and consecrated the Reverend Chuck Murphy and the Very Reverend John Rodgers as bishops at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore, on January 29, 2000. The Anglican Mission was officially established later that year in July in Amsterdam, Netherlands under the Primatial Oversight of the Primates of Rwanda and South East Asia.

Beginning 2004, the Primatial Oversight was as a “Personal Prelature” under the pastoral care and direction of the Primate of Rwanda, represented by a Primatial Vicar, whom he appointed and to whom authority was delegated for the Mission. The pastoral activities of the  mission have been shared collegially by the Primatial Vicar with Missionary Bishops, who have been and continued to be Missionary Bishops until 2012.

In 2011, after mutual prayer on the next chapter of the common life of the Mission, Primatial and Episcopal leaders discerned they were to explore ways that the Anglican Mission could live into a fuller charism for Apostolic Works as a Mission Society. 

This discernment led to a powerful combination of gospel vision and spiritual mission when it erected Anglican Mission - A Society of Mission and Apostolic Works" in 2012. Since then, we have been committed to advancing the kingdom of God in word, sacrament, and service through the cultivation of threestreams spirituality; of Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit. Such was the success of the vision that we saw the erection of two more sister chapters Anglican Mission Canada and Anglican Mission India. Each of the chapters of the Anglican Mission are supported and sustained through the partnerships we share with our Concordat bishops and dioceses.

The origin of this new chapter, Anglican Mission International stems from the increased demand for Anglican formation training and mission development projects from our global partners. All have a commitment to and appreciation of the intrinsic value of global mission partnerships. It is our desire to continue to build on the vision of Kolini, Tay and Yung and take the gospel; through our Anglican three stream heritage to every corner of the earth. The establishment of Anglican Mission International was the natural/supernatural progression of that vision to the next level.