Anglican Mission International exists as a chapter of “The Anglican Mission -  A Society for Mission and Apostolic Works”. The Society currently consists  of five chapters, Anglican Mission in America, AM Canada, Mission India, Anglican Mission International and Anglican Mission Haiti. 

The Anglican Mission as a Society seeks to develop its ministry within the Anglican Communion and wider church by extending mission initiatives in theological formation, discipleship, evangelism, and practical assistance through mutual partnerships. It does so with an emphasis on the cultivation of the depth and breadth of three-stream Anglican spirituality and ministry, thus enabling and empowering the church locally and globally to fulfill the Great Commission.

The existing churches, emerging congregations and fellowships of Anglican Mission International are committed to the principles and practices of evangelism, discipleship, and renewal, and, providing practical assistance through mutual partnerships enabling and empowering the local church globally to fulfill the Great Commission.

Planting, supporting and sustaining communities of faith is an integral part of our vision. Mission and ministry does not happen apart from the Church and therefore Anglican Mission International acknowledges its calling to encourage the establishment  of new fellowships and apostolic works.

Anglican Mission International acknowledges that the local church is the primary missionary unit. Therefore all of our strategies and resources should be about growing and strengthening the local church, whether here or overseas. 

We believe that it is ultimately Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit who builds His church, and therefore Anglican Mission International  must to be open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading, equipping,  empowering  and releasing of a new work. 

The Anglican Mission International is:

+ United in the essentials of the Christian Faith -- obedient to Jesus Christ as the unique Son of God Who through His sacrificial death and resurrection provides the only way to the Father

+ Diversified in the expression of the Faith -- evangelical, catholic and charismatic -- as three streams flowing as one river in Jesus Christ, reaching the world in Jesus' Name through evangelism, discipleship and service.