My passion for Kingdom work and for spreading the Good News of Jesus was enlivened when I first joined the AMiA.  We had a comprehensive vision to reach all the world with the Good News of Jesus and we loved all who would join on this mission.  We valued and treasured the small Church with 12 people and the large Church with 400.  We were thrilled to be on mission with the young and the old.  People of every nation, race and background were embraced and we went forward arm in arm.  That is a Comprehensive Vision for Kingdom work that partners with whomever God brings our way to be in love with Jesus daily and to follow his lead faithfully and uniquely in ever place and time. As we embark on the road in the recently formed Anglican Mission International this vision is being lifted up and celebrated and I feel blessed and humbled to be one who is being called to Lead it.


                 The Prefect

                  Anglican Mission International