Introducing Fr. Steve Evans

 Fr Steve Evans has served St. Andrew's since November 2010. He was ordained  Deacon on August 19, 2012 and as a priest on February 23, 2013.  He is licensed for ministry by  Bishop Darlington Bendankeha  in the Diocese of Kagera in the Anglican Province of Tanzania and released for specialized ministry in The Anglican Mission: A Society of Mission and Apostolic Works. 


Fr Steve shares about
The Alpha Marriage Course at Saint Andrews:​

​In the Book of Genesis the very first human social relationship is between Adam and Eve, and therefore, the church has understood marriage to be the cornerstone of human society. If you want to change the course of a community and culture, one way to do it is to strengthen marriages. This is why St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Syracuse runs the Alpha Marriage Course each Spring and Fall.


Here is how we run the Alpha Marriage Course at St. Andrew’s in Syracuse:

The 8 week course begins with the Come-and-See Dinner for couples to check out the course for one night and see if it might work for them. Each night of the course the couple is seated at a beautifully set table for a candlelit dinner for just them. Following the meal one of the Alpha Marriage Course videos is shown. The evening is then finished up with dessert served as the couple talks over some questions in the class workbook.​

This course is for all couples who are desiring to strengthen their marriage not just hurting marriages. It addresses topics such as communication, sex, conflict, forgiveness and more.  We suggest a donation of $80 from each couple which covers dinner each week, their workbooks and any other expenses. 


The Marriage Course can be run by churches of any size with any kind of facility and does not require leaders who are experts at marriage or counseling. The best leaders for the course are kind, compassionate couples with gifts in hospitality. There are a variety of ways to modify the course to fit a church’s budget, venue, schedule or leadership.

Fr. Steven Evans would be delighted to work with your church to get you started. Visit the Alpha Marriage Courses website for more information about the course: